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Roman Shades

When it comes to finding new shades for a home, there are many factors that must be kept in mind. Why are the blinds being purchased, for example, and to what end is the customer hoping to use them? If you have ever purchased custom window treatments before, then you probably know that the options can sometimes be overwhelming. There are many kinds of options from which to choose, and depending upon the reason behind the purchase, you might have many functions the shades need to fulfill floating around in your mind. Luckily that is just fine. With custom shades, you can work with a designer to find the perfect option for your home. One of the most popular options we offer are custom Roman shades.

roman shades toronto

roman shades toronto

What Are Roman Shades?

Popular for their elegant and glamorous appearance and ease of use, Roman shades have become quite popular amongst buyers of all ages. All window shades work to filter light and provide privacy to a room, and Roman shades are no exception to this. The reason they tend to stand apart from other options is just how easy they are to use along with how elegant they can look. Roman shades tend to use one section of material that is situated on a pulley system. Pulling the cord helps the material to quickly and easily pull up into an accordion fashion. The overall affect is quite aesthetically pleasing, and the easy operation means that cords no longer become knotted or complicated to use.

You might be wondering what Roman shades look like aside from their distinctive accordion gathering, and the truth is that there is a wide variety of ways that Roman shades can look. This depends upon the fabric in question, and the sky is the limit with Roman shades. You can dictate the amount of light that is allowed into the home as well as the amount of insulation offered by selecting the right kind of fabric. Lightweight fabrics tend to allow more light into the home and provide less insulation than medium or heavy fabrics.

Roman Shade Styles

As mentioned briefly above, there are a wide variety of Roman shades from which to choose. At Harmony Window Decor, we are proud to offer quite a large selection of Roman shades to suit even the most selective of customers. Some of the most popular custom Roman shades styles include:

  • Soft Roman Shades – this kind of Roman shade is also known as “European style”, and features a soft and feminine appearance. There is no dowel rod inserted at the bottom of the shade, which means that fabric is soft and free flowing whether hanging free or retracted up.
  • Flat Roman Shades – this kind of Roman shade, unlike the soft Roman shades mentioned above, features a dowel at the bottom of the shade. This helps the shade hang flat when extended and ensures that it maintains clean lines when retracted, too.
  • Cascade Roman Shades – this kind of Roman shade features a waterfall effect when lowered.

As mentioned above, the insulation of your custom Roman shades depends upon the type of fabric that you use to create them. Light fabrics will naturally provide less insulation and less light filtering than heavier fabrics. This is useful in that you can create your own level of insulation to suit your needs by paying attention to fabric choices and keeping the importance of the function of these lovely shades in mind just as much as their form.


Much like their level of insulation, the cost of custom Roman shades depends upon the materials that are used in creating them. If you use an expensive fabric like silk, for example, then the cost will far pricier than if you use something like linen or cotton. You can help determine how much you spend by paying close attention to the type of fabric you are selecting.